Europe's first active kitchen museum is organized by 40 volunteers.

We need you for the following tasks:

Museum group tours for adults 2X90 minutes
Museum Group Tours for Children 2x30 minutes
In our tours we provide the knowledge of kitchens from the Middle Ages to modern times. They are trained professionally by our team and accompany visitors through a beautiful journey.

Cleaning power for the care of our exhibition kitchen and bunks.

Electrical work
Painting and wallpapering
We are working on further expansion of the museum kitchen and want to expand in the next 6-8 years from now 27 Kitchen berths to 60 berths further - the world of kitchens is more diverse than one can imagine it at first glance.

Adult cooking classes
If you are a skilled cook or qualified chef and have fun to teach other people your knowledge about healthy Erhnährungskultur in a club, then you have come to the right team.
We cook on different days with different topics with "friends". Take them with you.

Applications to:

Specials & Termine



Bevor Sie eine Küche oder einen Haushalt auflösen, verkleinern oder an einen anderen Ort verlegen, setzen Sie sich mit uns in Verbindung. Wir sind immer auf der Suche nach neuen (alten) Exponaten für das WORLD OF KITCHEN Küchen-Museum.

Das erwartet Sie:

Probierhäppchen und Mitmach-Aktionen
Kochbuch-Bibliothek mit bis zu 150 Jahre alten Kochbüchern
Event-Gastronomie für Familien- und Betriebs-Feste
Kochschule und Ernährungs-Seminare


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